The fire extinguisher of TOTALFLEX


TOTALFLEX pay attention to environmental protection and safety related to the business development of the industry, considering the water and fire plays an indispensable role in people's life. In the era of social development and progress at the same time, the factors of fire were increased, and the consequences of a fire more and more serious, every fire directly or indirectly harm the human safety, give people casualties even. Fire away every year tens of thousands of people's life and health, caused an economic loss of hundreds of millions. According to statistics, every year all over the world live in economic losses to the society as a whole 0.2% of GDP. The company launched in 2014 fire elves for brand handheld portable aerosol fire extinguisher.


TOTALFLEX brought people's lives a healthy and comfortable. In line with continuous research frontier science and technology and environmental protection concept of life. TOTALFLEX portable fire extinguisher, adopts the most advanced space technology of aerosol fire extinguishing technology, has been in the car, home, security, schools, the enterprise has obtained the remarkable economic benefits and social benefits. Click for details