TOTALFLEX international heating exhibition in Beijing in 2015 ISH China


ISH has 90000 square meters exhibition trade platform, 1500 booths, heating hvac industry recognized, most professional, most internationalized professional buyers of exhibition.

TOTALFLEX  members took part in the May 13 to 15, the three-day ISH exhibition, according to the date of the preparatory work, first visited the exhibitors, in accordance with the contract by understanding each other products of the company, as well as after the big situation according to the matching degree of the market at present to introduce TOTALFLEX products and company history, prompting the generalization of the two sides of their products and company have a certain understanding and interest. Through the exchange of information and business card for later be prepared for the further communication.

Through this exhibition, the floor heating pipe market today is still a PE - RT as the leading, from the perspective of the physical properties of PE - RT, the linear expansion coefficient in all kinds of pipe material is higher, it also determines the PE - RT pipe support spacing is very small, there is little span pipeline overhead, support to install more disadvantages. And uniqueness TOTALFLEX stainless steel composite hoses, make we will have new breakthrough in the field of floor heating pipes.

TOTALFLEX look forward to cooperating with you!