Five steps of choosing barreled water

First, check the color of the bottle.
Phenomenon such as darenking, nigrescence and empurple will be definitely a problem for barreled water. The PC material for food level should be clear and lucency, but currently the products on the market are almost blue which comes from the PVC material. The darker color, the more scarp and the water quality without guarantee.
Second, check the outlet of bottle
Check the quality of the bottle, inferior barrels looks with dark color and the touching sense is not so smoothie.
Third, check the down side of bottle
The qualified bottle with the manufacturer, symbol, and date in produced. Especially you need to pay attention to these two “QS” marks.
Fourth, check the sealing of bottle.
The fake bottle is with a thin shrink film while the real one is with heavy shrink film.
Fifth, check the color of barreled water
The qualified drinking water should be clear, colorless, limpid and no smell.