Express the highest appreciation to all the customers who visited our booth in Dubai—Big 5.

In the Big 5 Exhibition in Dubai from November 25th-28th, 2013, TotalFlex win the 2013 great in this fair and contact with some important clients in local United Arab Emirates. Our company strategy is focused on exports and the internationalization of our products around the world, concentrating our maximum efforts on those areas that work together to achieve a high potential for sales growth.

This fair gain a lot of cooperate possibilities with different countries, especially Arabic areas. With the fair, currently, we TotalFlex pay much attention on the developing the world business through the great effect by big 5.

During the exhibition, Dubai got the right to host expo 2020 which expand the cooperation and markets between Dubai and TotalFlex.

According to the visiting after exhibition, we get to realize the chance for TotalFlex is really considerable. And we wish we can go to development together with our supportive clients.